Ethnographic Films, Anthropologists and INTO AMERICA at the Haus des Dokumentarfilms Stuttgart

Karl Heider a famous director and anthropologist once said about Ethnographic film: “The term itself seems to embody an inherent tension or conflict between two ways of seeing and understanding, two strategies for bringing order to (or imposing order on) experience: the scientific and the aesthetic. The evolution of ethnographic filmmaking has been a continuous process attempting to reconcile this tension, to achieve a fertile synthesis. Ideally, ethnographic films unite the art and skills of the filmmaker with the trained intellect and insights of the ethnographer. (Heider, 1976: p.ix)”

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-12 um 16.59.50

The director of INTO AMERICA has a profound background as an anthropologist and knows about the aforementioned tension. We would like to invite everybody interested in learning about Ethnographic Film and its relation to our film INTO AMERICA to join us on Wednesday, March 19th at the Haus des Dokumentarfilms in Stuttgart. The organizers of YoungDok and the film team evaluate what it means to be a filmmaker with an anthropological background and discuss different approaches how to make documentary/ ethnographic films.¬† With this, we dare to provide a definition of “Ethnographic Film”.

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