Award with ‘Wow’ Effect


we won!
INTO AMERICA was awarded the price for “Best Documentary Feature” last Sunday in Stuttgart. Unbelievable, nobody prepared me for that.
We were running late due to Stuttgart’s traffic mess (on Sunday!), rushing into Rotebühl Platz in the center of Stuttgart – so lucky that we didn’t have to take care of parking fee.
Just in time we arrived at Robert Bosch Saal and were able to watch excerpts of the three nominated documentary films: besides INTO AMERICA, the hilarious SMOKIN’ FISH and a long-term film portrait of the Onondaga Nation EXIT 16 were nominated as well – two unusual movies.

We are very proud to have been part of the Nordamerika-Filmfestival 2014, meeting great filmmakers, wonderful storytellers and singers.
Thank you Gunter Lange, creative director of the Festival, and Sonja Schierle, curator of the Linden Museum, for organizing such a special event that focuses on topics of North America’s First Nations. You gave the festival a warm and welcoming atmosphere.



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