Previous Film Collaboration

“Powwow 101: A First Nations Documentary” (click here) is the first collaboration between Angelo Baca (director) and Nadine Zacharias (crew member) during his time in the Master’s Degree program called the Native Voices Documentary Program. Co-directed by Luana Ross and Daniel Hart, it is a documentary film program at the University of Washington with the Department of Communication and the American Indian Studies Program that does films from the indigenous perspective.

SYNOPSIS: This documentary follows the First Nations of the University of Washington student group of 2006. It tells the story of their obstacles, trials, and triumphs of being able to put on the annual Spring University of Washington Powwow. Usually held in April every year, this was the first time that the event was threatened to be discontinued and documented on film. It is a critical and honest look at the politics, bureaucracy, and interactions with student groups and the university. A story at once moving and educational that speaks to the challenges of putting on a cultural event for the whole community and lifting our Native youth up to become leaders and teachers of the future.

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