American Indian Film Festival Meet-up Nov. 5th Noon Delancey Theatre

Hello All,

Angelo Baca, who is in the film with his grandmother, Helen Yellowman, will be at the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, California at the premiere of the November 5, 2013 screening at noon at the Delancey Street Theatre. He will be present to talk about the film, Question and Answer session about the film, and talk about the issues relevant to the film, and the process of the film’s development over the last few years.

We thank the American Indian Film Festival, the nation’s longest running and most prestigious Native American film institution, and all those involved for making this film screening possible and for the opportunity to be present and interact with the audience and the film festival programmers, hopefully even to some distributors! It is truly a unique and wonderful film festival for American Indians with a fantastic selection of indigenous stories and storytellers. Thank you!


Contact Angelo Baca:


4 thoughts on “American Indian Film Festival Meet-up Nov. 5th Noon Delancey Theatre

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  3. It’s very humbling to see and hear there are films being documented of our Ancestral lands. All Native members need to have more knowledge, understanding and have their inputs about Native American homeland issues.
    I was just watching Navajo Nation Council in their chamber two weeks ago during Fall session and they are proposing of purchasing a coal mine in New Mexico. I agree with Navajo families needing employment but what does it do for others health by air and water? Another one is happening currently here not too far from Monument Valley, Utah. Utah Congressman Rob Bishop is proposing a Land Bill Initiative for Eastern Utah. Yes, there are different groups having inputs at Public Hearings and mostly Anglo’s and very little Dine’ people. Their are many options being proposed by Public and the Navajo people need to be aware as where they fit in. We all need to protect our Ancestral homelands. These are sacred places for offers, herbs gatherings, and daily wood gathering places. Further more their is chatter of dissolving of Antiquities Law which would only impact more as a State and all tribes/Nations.
    Wherever you travel on mother earth please educate every human being and take a stand for mother earth.
    I advise if you have the opportunity to see this film , please do so. May the Great Spirits be with you.

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